How To: Ski Tuning 101

A step-by-step guide to the basics of ski tuning.
ski tuning thumb

Skiing is all about having a good time. If your skis aren’t tuned, odds are, you’re not going have a good time. Here’s a video to get you through the basics of tuning and away from spending all your hard-earned money at the ski shop. You have bars to spend your money at.


“Cleaning” a ski consists of stripping the base of any fluorocarbons or other materials that might harm the ski. To do this, use an iron to apply a generous amount of hydrocarbon wax, and quickly scrape it off before it cools. Once the wax is removed, use a steel, brass, or bronze brush to further clean the bases. 

How To: Summer Tuning

When you pack up your skis at the end of the season, it’s important to retire them properly — they’ll most likely need a little tuning and TLC after a long season of abuse. We asked General Manager Brian Foley at Pierce Skate & Ski in Bloomington, Minnesota, to share some of his summer-prep techniques — here’s what he had to say.