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Skiing Halloween Costumes

Halloween is next week and if you’re like us you probably don’t have anything planned and are going to be rummaging through your closet to throw together a zombie/eighties/ghost mash-up. But you can do better. So, we’ve rounded up the best skiing-related costumes we can think of and thrown in some video to help you get the mannerisms and outfits down pat.
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Deep Powder Skiing Pep Fujas Thumb

Powder Skiing Footage

To get you stoked for ski season, we've rounded up a few of our favorite deep powder skiing clips. Get ready; it's coming.

North Face iPhone app

Want Avy Reports on the Lift? There’s an App for That.

You probably own an iPhone. And we’re fine with that, really. Next time we’re on the lift together, we can pull up YouTube and watch a cat with its head stuck in a Pringles can. Or we could use these ski-specific apps. Including a brand new one from The North Face.

If you want everyone to know you are eagerly anticipating your trip to Mt. Hood, then you need a closet of tall tees, the brighter the better. To really drive your point home, accessorize with some SkullCandy headphones. With the help of your goggle tan, people should get your priorities right away. Just make sure your shorts are slightly longer than your tee.

Summer Ski Steez

How are people going to know how big you can go when you can’t wear your beacon and your boots to the bar? Here’s how.

Jordan Grano started Folsom Custom skis last year in Boulder, Colorado.

Custom Skis

You can have your skis built just the way you want them. Here's a look at one of Colorado's custom ski shops.


Win a Sportube Series 1 from Skiing

Checking, shipping or driving, the Sportube Series 1 is the best, most dependable ski case on the market. They can hold one pair of Alpine skis and poles or two pair of XC skis and poles. Adjustable up to 212 cm long and 140mm wide, it can handle the biggest skis you can find.