Skiing Magazine Cover Shot Poster For Sale

Get Grant Gunderson's "Star Trail" poster from the photographer directly.


Skiing Magazine

‘s September Cover as a poster for your room, office, or ski shop. Taken of Bryce Phillips at Alta, UT, this picture shows the dedication to ski photography that Grant Gunderson has.

How Did He Get That Shot?

Buy a camera that shoots 10 frames per second, squeeze the shutter, and pray. Sometimes that yields a cover shot. This month’s cover, take by Grant Gunderson, took considerably more thought. Look closely, Bryce Phillips is sharply in focus and surrounded by a nebula of white light. But the star trails and streaked headlights suggest a long, time-lapse shot. So why isn’t Phillips one big, blurry comet? Gunderson explains: “Bryce and I had been shooting since 7 a.m. We got to Grizzly Gulch, right on the Alta boundary, around midnight. I needed a four-hour exposure to get the trails on the stars. At the beginning of the exposure, Bryce skied through the foreground — which had to be completely dark — and my off-camera flash froze his action. Then we had to wait by the camera for four hours, making sure the batteries didn’t die and the lens didn’t fog up while it captured the stars. It was 14 degrees out and I was wearing two puffy jackets to keep warm. I would’ve killed for a beer. But we drank Red Bull to stay awake. I was stoked that we got the shot, but when we got back to the car at five, we had a ticket from parking illegally overnight.”

Some info on the poster:

* The posters are printed on an archival metallic true photographic paper.

* The posters are 16×20 and are $50.00 shipped.

* They can be ordered at: