Skiing Mag's Most-Viewed Stories of 2015

We did the math. Here are your favorite stories on from 2015. By Leslie Hittmeier

10. #StellarMonday

We started #StellarMonday a few months ago and it’s been a hit. Pro photographer Will Wissman is a seasoned vet and we look forward to seeing a new photo from him every single Monday. And apparently so do you all. 

9. Best Powder Shots

You guys loved knowing where the biggest storms of the season were going off, even though 99 percent of the time this gallery of images made you cry of jealousy while you sat in your office. (PS: We are doing it again this year…right here.)

8. How To Be a Ski Bum

I mean, obviously.

7. The Patroller’s 100

A shameless peek into the lives of the patrollers that keep us safe. Advice on skiing, beards, footcare, what to drink, how to drink, and more. We are not the slightest big suprised this made the cut. 

6. Beer of the Week

We started reviewing beers because we know how much you guys love beer and, frankly, it’s a great way to get out of the office early on Thursdays. Glad you’re liking it, we’ll keep it up!

5. Teaser Tank

BECAUSE SKI MOVIES. Even though apparently no movie made after 2006 is cool (see number three below). Sorry, TGR.

4. How To Make Your Own Hot Tub

Ok, seriously? How many of you people actually did this?

3. Top Ten Ski Films of All Time

Ok. I don’t know who curated this list (I’m new), but it’s amazing. 

2. Most Influential Skiers of all Time

Ready, set, argue!!

1. The Gear Room

You gear junkies, you. Are gear reviews all we’re good for? Fine. Good thing we write a $hit-ton of them.