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Stöckli Laser AX (2020)

2020 Unisex Performance Carving Ski Review
Laser AX
Price $1199.00


Overall Rating 4.02 / 5
Tip / Waist / Tail (in Millimeters) 124-78-111
Lengths (in Centimeters) 154, 161, 168, 175, 182
Radius (in Meters) 13.1
Flotation 1.67 / 5
Quickness / Maneuverability 4.25 / 5
Playfulness 4.42 / 5


Forgiveness 4 / 5
Hard Snow Performance 4.5 / 5
Crud Performance 3.67 / 5
Balance of Skills 4 / 5
Level Expert
2020 Stöckli Laser AX

The Stöckli Laser AX for 2020.

Men's Review

The Laser AX once again pleased former racers and recreational carvers with its wide range of capabilities at a variety of speeds. The ski’s top sheet of Titanal features squiggle-shaped notches—Stöckli calls it Turtle Shell Comfort—which loosens the ski up at slower speeds but locks into place during acceleration, providing ample stability and the highest score in versatility. 

STRENGTHS: Overall Impression, Versatility

WEAKNESS: Forgiveness

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Women's Review

The aptly named Laser AX is a ski with a precise mission: It’s programmed to carve the crap out of corduroy. If you have other ideas about where and how to ski the Laser AX— good luck to you, let us know how that goes. If you’re on board with the ski’s desire to flirt with Mach 1 speeds, you’re in for one exciting ride. Don’t let the ski’s rockered tip and tail fool you—the Laser AX is a carving machine that doesn’t have any interest in exploring off-piste. 

STRENGTHS: Stability at Speed, Quickness 

WEAKNESS: Versatility     

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