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Stöckli Skis 2001-02


Stöckli Skis 2001-02


The big news for Stöckli is a new carving ski that will come with a plate and binding on it, what the company calls a "unique combination similar to the Pilot system," though no further information was available at press time. It will replace last season's Raver Lance. Also newsworthy: Two seasons ago Stöckli broke into the freeride scene with skis like the Stormrider, which earned a 2001 Editors' Choice award from Skiing Magazine.

A little background: Stöckli skis have been hand-made in Switzerland since 1936. The company prides itself in offering "the most advanced racing machine you can buy off the rack" (skis from Stöckli's World Cup Line). As the factory makes skis for, say, Paul Accola, they make extra. That overage ends up in U.S. ski shops. But, explains Stöckli president Nicholas Sprung, "Nothing is ever set in stone. At the factory, they continuously modify the World Cup skis." So different batches have slight variations in shape and length. That said, details on the Stöckli line were sketchy at press time (watch for more info at ISPO). Here's what we do know.

World Cup Line
Both the Laser GS and SL will see slight changes in layup and sidecut. The Laser SC race carver, designed for masters or FIS slalom and GS racing (depending on length), will have slight changes in sidecut only. The Laser SG and DH skis will have modified layups, sidecuts, and sizing.
Modified: Laser GS, Laser SL, Laser SC, Laser SG, Laser DH.

Extreme/Freeride Line
The wildly successful Stormrider II will be changed. Freeskier Dominique Perret is still working on the design. The Asteroid, the ski that Stöckli calls "the fattest, longest, and stiffest fat ski out there," returns unchanged. The Steeprider, a randonnée/ backcountry ski for intermediate through expert skiers, and the Easyrider, which is a lower-pricepoint, cap version of the Stormrider for intermediate to advanced skiers, returns unchanged.
Modified: Stormrider II.
Unchanged:Asteroid, Steeprider, Easyrider.

Recreational/Carver Line
The Spirit III all-mountain ski for intermediate to advanced women will undergo a major facelift, with sidecut, layup, and cosmetic changes.

Spirit IV, an aggressive all-mountain carving ski, returns unchanged.
Modified: Spirit III.
Unchanged: Spirit IV.