Stand Tall, Start Strong

Turning Points

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In skiing, as in life, a strong start leads to a solid outcome. Enter your first turn in a relaxed, upright stance, and a rhythmic run will follow.1 When you start a series of turns, point your skis into the fall line and stand tall. Tall doesn’t mean rigid. Rather, the joints at the ankles, knees and hips should be slightly flexed, in a position that lets your muscles relax. You appear ready, and you are.

2 The taller you stand to start, the more range of motion you have to compress and extend. Extension at the outset makes it easy to drive your knees directly into the first turn, without an introductory lifting motion. You are smooth and balanced.

3 The more you drive your knees, the lower you drop, the more angles you create in the lower body and the better the edge grip. From here it’s easy to rise tall again, release the edges and enter the next turn.

4 Approaching the first turn in a low, defensive posture, tenses your muscles, overflexes the joints and tends to rock you back on our heels. That’s not a strong stance from which to begin.

5 Just to get a direction change going, you have to lift awkwardly, rebalance and redirect the skis.

6 Getting to this point has taken too much effort and readjustment. As a result, there’s been too much opportunity for error.