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Stanley One Handed Vacuum Mug

The only travel mug you’ll ever need
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Stanley One Handed Vacuum Mug

The only travel mug you’ll ever need

It’s an American thing—always having a travel mug on hand, in the car, on the desk. The perfect mug keeps your drink as hot as when you poured it at 7AM even when its 3PM and you haven’t gotten around to drinking it yet. It doesn’t make brown spilled coffee stains when it flops out of the cup holder onto your white ski pants. It doesn’t leak in your boot bag when you’re hauling gear for a family of four by yourself into the lodge. It’s easy to wash, and in a pinch, it subs as a thermos in your pack. Oh, and did we mention you have to be able to operate it with one hand and without removing your gloves?

Believe it or not, this mug exists. It’s Stanley’s Vacuum One-Hand Hot Beverage Mug. Made from vacuum insulated double-wall stainless steel, the Vacuum One-Hand keeps drinks hot (or cold) for six hours. A large button on the side of the lid lets you open a sip hole in the lid for drinking. Release the button, and the mug seals shut. When your drink is gone and the mug is headed for the sink or dishwasher, the pieces of the lid unscrew for easy cleaning.

The Vacuum One Handed Hot Beverage Mug works for any hot or cold drink as long as it’s not too thick. For smoothies or milk shakes, or quanitites of hot cocoa larger than 16 oz, use Stanley’s 100th anniversary insulated bottle. $30,


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