Stranger Shapes

Three off-the-wall ski designs for skiers seeking something different this ski season.

Of all the new skis coming out for 2021, the Line Blade’s shape stands out. The ski’s bulbous 154mm tip is paired with a 95mm waist, reminiscent of a parabolic Elan SCX from the ’90s, but on steroids. This drastic sidecut allows the ski to get on edge effortlessly, and the floaty demeanor is ideal for skiers who want to carve without working hard.

2021 Line Blade
The 2021 Line Blade.Photo courtesy of Line

SKI Reviews: Line Blade

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Armada Stranger 2021
The shovels of the 2021 Armada Stranger.Photo courtesy of Armada

Similarly, Armada’s new Stranger ski turns the playful level up to 11. The ski is built for those who no longer send huge jumps or bash gates, but still want something to carve, butter, and just fool around with during mellow days at the local hill. With a quick 15m turn radius, a stiff demeanor underfoot but very flexible—and edgeless—tips and tails for wheelies and side hits, the Stranger is another unique ski to check out for 2021.

Perhaps the most off-the-wall shapes are coming out of Pennsylvania. Gilson Snow takes “spooned bases” to the next level with variations of full-length convex bases. The hard-to-tune profile makes sliding rails and slashing powder a blast, but definitely requires an open mind for hard-snow carving.

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