Stuff We Like: Eagle Creek Pack-It Organizers

These ultralight gear bags will keep your suitcase or backpack organized.
Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes
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It’s tough to stay organized when you’re traveling. Whether you’re spending just a couple nights in a hotel before you move to the next resort, or you’ve crammed all your gear into one bag so that you can carry your suitcase in one hand, your skis in the other, Eagle Creek can help you keep track of your stuff.

Eagle Creek’s Pack-It system is the ultimate for organization when you’re on the road. A collection of cubes, sacs, and folders, these lightweight bags fit inside your suitcase, whether it’s a hardcase or a duffel, and make it easy to find your gloves, your socks, your underwear, your baselayers, plus help reduce wrinkling, and separate dirty items from clean ones.

The Pack-It Folder 20 (above, $30) has a rectangular plastic stiffener that you can use as a guide to help you fold shirts, pants, or other dress clothing flat so that it won’t wrinkle in transit. The folded clothing stores inside this Velcro-closure envelope, preventing contents from shifting and making it easy to locate.

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The Pack-It Two-Sided Cube ($22) is big enough to hold sleepwear, long underwear, or a vacation’s worth of ski socks. One side is mesh, one side is water resistant, so you can separate clean from dirty, wet from dry, or just load up one side with thermal tops and the other with bottoms.

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For the weight conscious, Eagle Creek’s ultralight Pack-It Specter Cubes (three cubes weigh about two ounces) are made from translucent, water-resistant, durable silicone-impregnated nylon. They’re slippery, so they slide easy into a pack headed for a backcountry hut, or a suitcase headed for a slopeside condo.

For rollable items, the Pack It Specter Cube Set ($35) is an organizational workhorse. Cubes can hold items as large as jeans. Stuff everything you need to remember to bring to the slopes into one cube—goggles, balaclava, mitts, sunscreen, lip balm, Clif Bars, and more. You’ll never have to run back to the condo for your glove liners.

Are they just one more thing to keep track of? In fact, no. For us, they’ve made unpacking in our hotel room fast, and keeping track of stuff efficient.