Stuff We Like: G-Form Protective Clothing

Padded pants, shirts and kneepads that keep you from feeling a crash.
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G-Form Compression Shirt
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Here’s the scenario: I am following a skier half my age down a high-speed groomer in Stowe, Vermont. He hits a little kicker and lands it gracefully. Before I can change my trajectory and non-chalantly avoid, my skis are in the air. I land hard, on my butt. But it doesn’t hurt. That’s because I have G-Form’s new Crash Shorts under my ski pants. With low profile shock absorbing pads on the hips, thighs and tailbone, only my ego is bruised in the fall.

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G-Form uses a blend of Poron and its own special sauce to make its protective padding. The blend absorbs 90 percent of the impact of your crash landing. It works like D30—the material stiffens within a fraction of a second of impact--but it’s lower profile, molds better to your body, and the shorts, two shirts and various elbow, knee and shin pads are washable. G-Form’s pads are hinged for maximum comfort. They bend when you bend—whether it’s a knee or an elbow.

Need convincing that this stuff works? Check out G-Form’s video of an iPad in a G-Form case falling 100,000 feet from space without breaking.

Your knees, tailbone, ribs and other vulnerable body parts will thank you for protecting them with the same stuff. $80 for the shorts, $40-$100 for the shirts,