Stuff We Like: The Goat Sidecountry Ski Carrier

A strap that makes sidecountry ski carry a cinch
Stuff We Like: Goat Strap
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It’s a simple device, but one that will make your sidecountry hiking experience better. When a full pack is too much and shouldering your skis won’t cut it, The Goat gets the job done.

Originally a Kickstarter project, The Goat is a simple strap system for carrying your skis on short hikes and sidecountry missions. Made from webbing (the strap), Velcro (the ski holder) and recycled bicycle inner tubes (keeps your edges from cutting the strap), the Goat has two main components: a clipping shoulder strap and loops to wrap your skis.

 Goat is adjustable—so you can bring the weight of the skis in snug to your body. Stash the Goat in an oversized pocket until you need it, or wear it under your ski jacket.

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Sure, you could use a piece of plain old webbing with the ends knotted together awkwardly wound around your skis. But The Goat is quick and easy and clean. Locked and loaded, you’ll be hiking while the webbing wrappers are still fumbling, with your hands free to operate your poles, jacket zippers and the like, and first in line for fresh tracks. Fat skis? No problem. The Goat can handle them. Made in Boulder, Colorado, from repurposed post-consumer materials that can’t be recycled any further. $49,