Stuff We Like: Hestra Power Heater Mitts

Battery-powered mitts keep your fingers functioning all day.
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Fact: Mittens are warmer than gloves—your fingers stay warmer when they heat one space together instead of each warming its own space. But sometimes even mittens aren’t enough for skiers with poor circulation or Raynaud's Syndrome. So, Hestra made the Power Heater Mitt. A battery-powered mitten that heats your hand throughout the day. There are three warmth settings you control with arrows on the back of your glove. Turn it on and lithium ion batteries warm heating elements in the fingers and thumb, stimulating circulation and contributing to the awesomeness of your day on the hill. On low, the Power Heater Mitt can keep your ands warm for up to 10 hours. The Mitt batteries take about four hours to charge.

The Mitt is a waterproof breathable nylon with a leather palm, fingers and thumb, all insulated with polyester. An antibacterial lining keeps them smelling sweet, and removable wrist straps make you look like you’re six years old, but keep you from losing your mittens.

Hestra’s mitt is a miracle for frozen fingers. It’s not cheap, but you get bang for your buck: four rechargeable processor-controlled, heat adjustable Lithium-ion batteries--two per mitten, a global charger with four over-charge protected adaptors, two heating elements and wire harnesses, and a pair of the best quality ski mitts around. $380,