Stuff We Like: Bheestie Bag

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Stuff We Like: Bheestie Bag

Clumsy happens. Especially where ski gloves and small gadgets are concerned. It’s only a matter of time before your cell phone, iPod or camera tumbles to the snow or gets soaked in a soggy spring storm. But don’t assume your waterlogged electronics are washed up. Toss them into the Bheestie Bag ($20). Powerful moisture-absorbing beads pull water molecules out. Dry phones are happy phones.


Highgear Solarpod

Stuff We Like: January 2010

A walkie-talkie that's better than a cell phone, a new jib boot, a solar charger, an iPod savior and some hip new clothes. From the desk of SKI's editors, here's a roundup of stuff we like in January 2010.