Stuff We Like: Shred's Slopeside Helmet

The sweetest helmet on the planet.
SWL Shred Slopeside Helmet
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A few months ago we featured Cochran’s Slopeside Syrup in our Stuff We Like column. It turns out the crew at Shred Optics loves this maple treat so much that they designed a helmet after it—the Shred Slopeside. (And, yes, the “Cochran” of Cochran’s Slopeside Syrup is the family behind the legendary mom-and-pop ski operation that opened up a “hill behind the house” back in 1961 to help aspiring racers, a mission they continue to this day.)

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Currently, Shred sponsors two young Cochran racers— Ryan Cochran-Siegle and Robby Kelley, who are grandchildren of Mickey and Ginny Cochran, who initiated the family ski hill. After wearing the Shred logo for some time, the two racers conspired with Shred to create the ultimate tribute to a family that’s given its heart and soul to Vermont skiers. Thus, the Slopeside helmet was born.

Designed by Magic Hat Brewery’s graphic designer, Shawn Rice, the helmet features Cochran’s classic colors, logo, and nutrition facts.

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As part of Shred’s Half Brain D-Lux line, the Slopeside has ICEdot technology, which helps first responders at the scene of an accident identify an injured skier and lists his emergency contacts. The helmet also features a lining to add extra protection on impact, and audio ear pads. Not to mention the sweetest feature—the helmet comes with a bottle of Cochran’s Slopeside Syrup.

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