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Stuff We Like: Silver Edge Gear NSZ Sport Bags

A zip-close waterproof bag for stinky gear
No Stink Zone
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Ever get in the car at the end of a warm spring ski day or a sweaty mountain bike trek for the ride home and something really sinks? Like you. Whether it’s your own baselayer or biking top—or someone else’s—the end result is equally hummy for you and your Subaru-mates. Avoid the olfactory assault with Silver Edge Gear’s NSZ Sport Bag.

The secret is in the bag’s silver lining. Odors are bacteria borne, and silver kills odor-causing bacteria. Silver Edge Gear puts a lot of silver in its bags, as well as a patent-pending process that permanently encapsulates 100 percent of the bag’s Nylon fibers in pure silver, so the silver won’t wash off or wear off. The result: fabric that slays bacteria like you slay pillowlines or single track.

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The inside of the bag is laminated with a durable waterproof film to keep wet gear from soaking everything else in the trunk. Remove your stinky gear from the Silver Edge Gear bag, and the bag will be stink free. And you won’t just use this bag during ski season. It works just as well on stinky, wet bike clothing, gym clothes and even your kid’s sports gear. Heaven. $40,


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