Stuff We Like: Smith Galaxy Goggle & Cosmos Jr. Helmet Combo Pack

A helmet that keeps your kid from losing his goggles
Smith Cosmos/Galaxy Jr.
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Kids have their own sense of risk and danger. Most adults would probably say that it’s one that isn’t very evolved. Which is just one more reason parents can thank Smith for making it as easy as the magic carpet to get your kid into a helmet/goggle that’s protective, easy to use, and fun to wear.

Smith’s Galaxy Goggle and Cosmos Jr. helmet combo pack takes all the tech in adult Smith helmets—excellent airflow to keep goggles from fogging and your head warm or cool, which ever is weather appropriate; a helmet fit system with loads of adjustment to be comfortable on mnay head shapes; and a teddy-bear lining. They combine it all in a super light package sized for kid's heads. Smith pairs the helmet with a goggle that has the best features of Smith's grownup goggles: a dual thermal lens with antifog treatment, an easy-adjust strap and hypo-allergenic face foam.

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Then Smith works it's kid-friendly magic and it integrates the two.

A tensioned plastic hinge on the goggle slides into a slot on the helmet, combining an auto-locking magnet with a secure slide-release buckle for a fully integrated goggle and helmet system that stays united even after your kid has taken it off. The magnetic siderelease eliminates the need for little fingers to fuss with rear retainer straps, and helps keep the goggles where they belong: on your child's face. Bonus: a "my name is" sticker on the outside of the small size helmets--good for ski school or if junior wanders off. Bonus number two: graphics kids think are steezy. In youth small (48-53cm) and medium (53-58cm), 11.5 ounces, $80,