Stuff We Like: Snow Strider

Turn your tot into a snow biker.
Strider Bike for Snow
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Parents agree. A Strider pedal-free balance bike is the best way to teach your kid to ride. This way, Junior can learn balance, and get shredding by the time he can walk. Kids develop essential motor skills early in life, and learning balance and coordination jump-starts a child’s growth and development.Traditional bicycles place too much of the focus on learning to pedal -- not on developing your child’s motor skills, which are transferable from biking to skiing.

That's why Strider has introduced a ski attachment for its bikes. With a winter ski attachment, not only can you extend your kid's Strider bike fun, but also help him get comfortable on snow.

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Snow Strider Ski attachments are pieces of lightweight, flexible plastic that strap onto Strider bike wheels--no tools required. Its an easy way to keep the Strider out of the garage in the winter, and get your kid used to being out all day on snow, whether his track is flat or sloped. Available now, $39,