Stuff We Like: Thule Easy Fit Snow Chains

Get up the canyon or over the pass without freezing your fingers.
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Here's the scenario: You're headed to ski Snowbird and there's an Interlodge. The canyon road is closed. Piles of snow are accumulating. The lifts are running, but you can only drive up the hill if you have chains. That means that you're under the car in a slushy parking lot, covered with dirt and salt and wet snow, trying to force links of freezing metal over your tires. No chains, no turns. 

No more. 

Thule just introduced Easy Fit Snow Chains, which literally snap on with a foot lever and self tighten as you drive. It's quick and clean to get them on and off—so much so that Thule just earned a Guiness Book record for most snow chains installed in a minute. It took the Thule team about nine seconds per chain. 

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Don't expect it to go quite that fast at first. It took us about two minutes installing the Easy Fits at night, in a snowstorm, the first time. The directions to install and remove the chains are on the chain's briefcase-style tote that unfolds so you can use it as a knee pad. The quick start guide: hang a chain over your tire, the stiffened rim of the chain at the top. Press down on the lever in front of your hubcap with your foot, which locks the chain into place. Drive, and the chain self tightens. It is, in fact, as easy as it sounds. Need to see it to believe it?

Don't get these for your plow truck—they're light duty. But when you need to get your Prius, Subaru, or Saab up the hill, they'll do the trick.

Check out something similar on Amazon: König Easy-Fit Snow Chains