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Stuff We Like: Winter Wake-up

A smartphone app that will get you first chair and fresh tracks
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When skiers hear about a big winter in Europe, they usually start thinking about heading across the pond to mega-resorts in France to ski powder and eat tasty pastries. But last year’s big winter in Europe brought something a little unexpected – a smartphone app that wakes you up earlier if it’s going to snow. 

Winter Wake-up was developed by a Belgian advertising agency called Boondoggle as a response to the uncharacteristically snowy winter that prevented many of its employees from making it to work on time... or at all. Winter Wake-up analyzes the weather report where you are and then adjusts your alarm clock according to pre-sets that you specify. Did it get cold overnight but didn’t really snow? The app will wake you up five minutes early so you can warm up the car and scrape the windshield. Did it snow overnight? Then you can tell the alarm clock how much earlier to wake you, depending on how long it might take you to shovel out the car and get to work. If it really dumps, there’s an option to cancel your alarm altogether, not go to work, call in with the white flu, and simply make up for lost time with an all nighter at a later date.

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Serious skiers take note: there’s no making up for lost time on a powder day, so use the third option at your own risk.

There are certain limitations to Winter Wake-up. Users aren’t able to specify a location to watch which is important if you’re staying in sunny downtown Salt Lake City while Alta is interlodged. Users also can’t set any parameters for snow amount. For example, if it snows two inches where you are, do you really want to wake up a half-hour early? And if it snows two feet is a half-hour going to be enough to snag first chair? Free on iTunes,


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