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Summer Shades

Publish date:
Outfitter, April 2005

Von Zipper Rocco



Wondering which sunglass design will become the icon of the decade? You're looking at it.

Spy Sonix



The space-age Sonix wears like a sunglass but performs like a goggle (in good weather). It comes with three different lenses and a removable sweatband.

Vuarnet 651E
The venerable French company that was huge in 1985 is back, and its new Extreme line features glass lenses and understated styles.

Smith Hudson
$80; smithoptics.com
By tapering the lens thickness from the center out, these wraparounds block peripheral sun and glare with negligible distortion.

Kaenon Polarized Jack
$229; kaenon.com
Not only are Kaenon's polarized lenses some of the most optically correct on the market, but you can also customize them: Choose your level of light transmission and lens shade.

Bollé Videostar
The lenses on these Flock of Seagulls spin-offs are 6-base, which means they're curved just right for optimal coverage and protection.

Dragon Reverb
$85; dragonoptical.com
Don't be fooled by the chunky looks; in case you face-plant, the Reverb's polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof.