Summer Shades

Outfitter, April 2005

Von Zipper Rocco


Wondering which sunglass design will become the icon of the decade? You're looking at it.

Spy Sonix


The space-age Sonix wears like a sunglass but performs like a goggle (in good weather). It comes with three different lenses and a removable sweatband.

Vuarnet 651E
The venerable French company that was huge in 1985 is back, and its new Extreme line features glass lenses and understated styles.

Smith Hudson
By tapering the lens thickness from the center out, these wraparounds block peripheral sun and glare with negligible distortion.

Kaenon Polarized Jack
Not only are Kaenon's polarized lenses some of the most optically correct on the market, but you can also customize them: Choose your level of light transmission and lens shade.

Bollé Videostar
The lenses on these Flock of Seagulls spin-offs are 6-base, which means they're curved just right for optimal coverage and protection.

Dragon Reverb
Don't be fooled by the chunky looks; in case you face-plant, the Reverb's polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof.



Shades Cafe

Shades Cafe

Popular with the locals, the small and affordable breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner spot right off the main square is rapidly growing in popularity.