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Sunglasses Fit for the Slopes and Sand

Spring skiing is about sunshine, corn snow, and a few adult beverages. Winter parkas get traded for T-shirts, and resorts reverberate with “Good Vibrations.” When temperatures rise, lose the stuffy goggles, grab some shades, and celebrate the coming of summer. These eye-catching sunglasses—all are polarized for diminished glare on snow or water— will score style points from the slopes to the shoreline without sacrificing performance.
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Summertime Sunglasses

Although summer is winding down, you'll still need sun protection into the fall and winter. Here are the sunglasses we wore this summer, fit for mountain biking, hiking, and plain ol' relaxing.

PitViper Sunglasses 2012

PitViper Sunglasses 2012

Chuck Mumford from PitViper Sunglasses stopped by to show us his new line of 2012 Sunglasses. These shades are best used when skiing.