Keep in on the snow this winter with skis that are designed to charge on edge and slice up groomers with aggression.

After years of playing second fiddle to fat and rockered skis, carvers are finally cool again. A number of brands are introducing sexy consumer race set-ups that can go faster than you can ski, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to find out how fast that actually is.

In honor of these new hot rods of skiing, SKI hosted a Race Ski Test at Copper Mountain, Colo., using the same slopes that the U.S. Ski Team trains on in November. Brands that participated in our annual SKI Test were invited to bring skis for beer league racers and corduroy killers.

Note: SKI is not responsible for any pulled passes that might result from using the following skis.

Testers: Chris Bivona, Mike Britt, Tim Dyer, Renée Geary, Nick Loomans, Charlie Noone, Lisa Perricone, and Rex Wehrman. No one won gold, but they did get custom hats from Ski Town All-Stars.