Tecnica Cochise 105 W (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $660.00
Year: 2014
Gender: Female

Mirrors the strong performance qualities of the big boy's boot but with design tweaks for women. The upper cuff's slightly lower profile teams with the Ultrafit women's liner to accommodate a female calf shape while maintaining a snug heel pocket. The boot comes stock with a Velcro rear spoiler in place but maintains an upright stance attitude. Our test team said its marked 105 flex index belies a tougher personality. Tall and solid, just like the guys' version was the takeaway. Our most aggressive gals, especially those with longer legs, were impressed that it skied so strongly while sporting a hike mode. Most loved the Velcro pulley-style powerstrap top buckle combination but a few worried that the Velcro might wear out from repeated adjustments over the life of the boot. They noted, however, that the fit was evenly medium throughout and comfortable enough for buckle once, ski all day closure.