Tecnica Demon 130 (2014)

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Rating: / 5
Price: $785.00
Year: 2014
Gender: Male

Tecnica graced the Demon series liners with such significant changes that it rocketed the 130 into the top group in our medium class. It displayed performance, comfort and turn-to-turn reliability everywhere on the hill. The liner changes make this year’s Demon 130 a kinder, gentler, more huggable devil. Not to say that it doesn’t still put a ski on edge and hold it there. It definitely still does that, but the liner now wraps more precisely with a softer, more cushioned feel. Testers liked the way the new liner tongue invited an aggressive drive onto the front of the ski. It’s more cushioned, taller and better contoured for supreme skier shin love. This one change made the boot’s off-road suspension so much better than its predecessor that testers were able to hammer it through whatever they could find and came out the other side smiling. Fore-aft support is definitely all there but now with a bit more cush to dampen harsh hits. Medium and big width feet (on good skiers) will find a big payoff here. The Demon has a solid complement of goodies including dual cuff adjusters, a removable Velcro rear spoiler (most testers preferred it installed) replaceable and grippy toe and heel lugs. The power strap is a standard Velcro wrap. It carves assuredly, hikes fine, glides on and off like butter and is fully capable of going all day without unbuckling. Tester Comments: “Very comfy. Shin feels great, heel is perfect, lots of room in the forefoot. This boot rips.”