Tecnica Phoenix 120 HVL (2013)


Rating: / 5
Price: $660.00
Year: 2013
Level: 2
Gender: Female

HVL stands for High Volume Liner, which Tecnica pairs with its Phoenix shell to offer a whopping 106 mm of forefoot width. Testers agreed that only Clydesdale guys with matching hooves will fill this convention-hall space. It's a manly boot, with studly colors, a stiffer-than-120 flex feel, firm fore-aft support in the upper, and top-of-category power overall, putting big guys in a good position to command the ski in all conditions. "Suits a brute-size foot and the body weight to match." Notes: High Volume Liner (HVL) sets this apart from other Phoenix boots to the tune of 106 mm last width. Four-buckle overlap design with cuff adjustment, removable Velcro rear spoiler and Delta Force flex adjustment offers solid performance with maximum room inside.