Scott Woman's UNTLD Pant

By Hillary Procknow
Scott Women's UNLTD Pant

The insulation in these pants is far too good for skiing in July. But it’d be perfect for January. After hiking all morning while lapping a jump in Copper’s summer terrain park, my legs were sweating and I found myself wanting more ventilation than the short inner-thigh zippers were providing. However, as long as the temperatures are even close to freezing, these would be my go-to pants—the fit is comfortable (especially when you remove the suspenders), the Gore-Tex outer fabric repels water, and they have lots of pockets. (Seven, all with zippers.) The low-profile cargo pockets are big enough to fit a small handheld video camera so you can shoot on the hill without having to ski with a backpack. One of the biggest issues with any pair of ski pants is that the cuffs get shredded on the inside from ski edges. The strategically placed patches of rip-stop fabric should prevent this from happening. I ended the day with a sweaty, smelly pair of pants in the back of my car, but I know in the winter I would appreciate how warm they are—it’s surprisingly rare to find high-performance ski pants that are insulated.

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