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The Season in Review

Turning Points

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If you’ve done your homework this season, you’ll have raised your ability level.As a reminder, here’s an executive summary of lessons from prior issues.


Intermediate>Match your skis

To make parallel turns, match your skis so they point in the same direction and edge simultaneously.

Advanced>Change both edges at once

Keep your shins parallel by tilting your lower legs into the turn.

Expert>Cross over with your lower body to use both edges

Maintain shin pressure and even weight distribution as your feet cross under your torso.


Intermediate>Steer with your legs and feet

Think feet first: Start your turn by rolling your skis on edge.

Advanced>Be patient: Let the skis turn you

Face the fall line with a calm upper body and change edges softly using your feet and legs.

Expert>Understand separation and how to use your poles

Your lower body works independently of your core as your legs move underneath your upper body.


Intermediate>Lengthen-and finish-your turns
Control your speed and turn shape by focusing on the spot where your skis will cross the hill.
Advanced>Get your feet out from under you
Roll your ankles and move your feet out from under your torso.
Expert>Blend edging and steering to match the situation
Edge sharply to move from medium-size turns to short ones; move your feet out to the side to transition to moderate turns.


Intermediate>Weight each ski with authority
To turn, weight the inside edge of your outside ski. At the turn’s finish, step weight to your other ski.
Advanced>Move inside and stand against your outside ski
Keeping your outside leg long, stand against your outside ski by actively pushing on it-not just pressuring it.
Expert>Redistribute pressure from ski to ski more softly
As your inside ski grips, transfer more pressure to your outside ski.


Intermediate>Transfer weight with more authority
Maintain good balance over your skis by flexing forward in your boots to keep your hips over your feet.
Advanced>Move away from the hill to start your turns
To change edges, extend your hips out and away from the hill-not up. Let your feet move out from under you.
Expert>Let your skis come from behind
To start a turn, rock your hips forward to keep up with your skis.


OCT. Learning how to use your edges is the key to making correct turns.

NOV. Keep a relaxed, quiet upper body and let your lower half do the work.

DEC. Tailoring your turn shape allows you to control your speed.

JAN. Use subtle weight shifts to pressure your skis for edge performance.

FEB. Stand solidly over your ski’s sweet spot by using your feet, legs and core.