The Ski You Need

There's a ski out there that's perfect for you. Here's how to find it.

The Test

  • Yes or No: You enjoy fresh corduroy. 

    Yes or No: Your spouse is comfortable with you skiing out of bounds.

    Yes or No: Huge, icy January bumps? No problem.

    Yes or No: Transitioning from crud to powder to ice to crud: Smooth sailing.

    Yes or No: You drop at least one toenail each season.

    Yes or No: You rarely fall.

    Yes or No: You rarely fall, but when you do, people cheer from the lifts.

    Yes or No: You know your ski’s waist width.

    Yes or No: You know your boot-sole length.

  • Yes or No: When you tackle legit blacks, it’s not just survival skiing.
  • Yes or No: Bumps, powder, trees, steeps: If you see it, you ski it.
  • Yes or No: Powder? The deeper the better, baby.
  • Yes or No: You know a carve from a skid.
  • Yes or No: You’re sure you know a carve from a skid.
  • Yes or No: You make tough conditions look easy, anywhere on the hill.
  • Yes or No: You’re comfortable skiing out of bounds.

If you answered YES to 0-7, you are: TRUE INTERMEDIATE

If you answered YES to 8-14, you are: TRUE EXPERT

I answered YES to 15-16, you are: HIGH EXPERT




Skis: need to know thumb

Skis: What You Need to Know

It may seem like rocket science. But if you learn how to decode some basic information about gear, it goes a long way in helping you find your perfect setup. Here’s your key.


Spring Skiing Deals Near You

Join the students around the country and head to the nearest hill. There are deals to score and events to see all over the country in March, but you have to check here to see them.