The Ultimate Ski Day: The Canyons

Snowbird, located in Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch mountains of Utah, is a steep skiers paradise. You get more bang for buck in terms of steeps out of the one lift that we stage our test out of than just about anywhere on the continent. This is why we test skis at Snowbird. But what is it that actually makes these mountains so steep and the terrain so rad? The answer is the Wasatch Fault. The Salt Lake valley is literally dropping away from the high peaks of the Wasatch along the Wasatch Fault. There is one spot in the photo above at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon that you can see the fault and get a feel for just how fast this thing is moving. See the next slide for the explanation.  

The Canyons 10:05am-11:00 Vertical: 2,200 feet

As the temperature climbed and the skies remained cloudless, we arrived at the Canyons to wrap up the Summit County leg of our trip. We headed up the Flight of the Canyons gondola to the trail Tombstone that took us to the Lookout lift. Once at the top of the Lookout lift, we headed down Sidewinder and Doc's Run to the bottom.

The snow was the ideal spring corn. Marriott described it best when she proclaimed, "That was the perfect, creamy butter snow."

I scored my 15 minutes of fame in the form of a little TV time at the Canyons, as Park City Television was on-hand to interview us and pronounce Rafferty and I Park City's "Athletes of the Week."

With time to spare and the cameras rolling, Rafferty, Marriott, and I hit the video arcade briefly to see who was the fastest driver in a video game that now seems like a blur.