These Skis are for Girls

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Roxy Skis

Female-specific surf company Roxy has been making winter outerwear and accessories for eight years, and snowboards for two. But this fall marks its first line of skis and boots. The company launched four all-mountain boards in November that sport polka-dot and pink floral motifs. But the construction isn't girly: They're made by Dynastar and modeled after their Exclusive series of women's-specific skis. $290-$825 (with bindings).



Exclusive Legend Eden (2010)

People's Ski Test 2010, Dynastar

Women testers gravitated toward the Exclusive Legend, and enduring favorite of the Dynastar women’s collection. The men (and one or two women) favored the Contact 4X4, another Dynastar classic that, with its 74 waist, is a likely bet for Easterners. Among skis that got enough test runs for a valid result, here are the rankings: