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How high? How steep? Which way home?

The updated Suunto S6 "wrist-top computer" ($329, suuntousa.com) remains the benchmark timepiece for skiers. Its features include an altimeter, a clinometer (which measures slope angle), compass, thermometer, baro-meter and clock, but that's just the beginning of what it can do. Plug it into your PC, read the fat little instruction manual, and take a deeply analytical approach to every ski day (number of runs, total vert, average speeds and more). Or you can just use its basic functions, which are relatively easy to navigate.




Time to Upgrade

One tenth of skiers buy new equipment every year, according to SnowSports Industries America. The remaining 90 percent replace their gear about as often as the Mets win the pennant. So there’s a good chance that your favorite skis have been discontinued, renamed, or reinvented. But what if you want to buy new boards that perform like your old faithfuls? Here are five classic skis from seasons past, paired with their improved heirs.