Travel: Bag Free


The convenience of shipping unwieldy skis, boots and overstuffed luggage to your destination is no new concept. What's new, however, is how easy it's become. Luggage Forward, the newest company to join the fray, offers a simple pricing structure (you don't have to know the weight of your bag), the ability to set an exact pick-up time, and instant online price quotes. They guarantee delivery times, but if your bags come late, you're reimbursed up to $200 on the first day and up to $100 thereafter. So what's the damage? Shipping a large bag, a pair of skis and a pair of boots from Chicago to Aspen with Luggage Forward would cost you roughly $460 roundtrip. The same configuration with competitor Sports Express would set you back about $560. (Rates vary by date and shipping zip code.) After all, what price convenience?