Traveler: New Year's 2000


We know, we know. Midnight on December 31 isn’t really the end of the millennium¿that’s next year. But hitting 2000 will still be a big deal. And since it will be too late to do anything about the Y2K bug, you might as well celebrate. One of the best things about New Year’s is that it falls squarely in winter, and there’s no better way to ring in a pseudo millennium than frolicking in the white stuff.

But any party worth considering for New Year’s was booked up long ago, right? Wrong. We scoured the ski world and uncovered plenty of sweet trips and cool celebrations that still have space available. What follows are our 10 favorites. Those marked “SKIING” are offering special perks or have spots reserved for you, the readers of this magazine.

So while the Cassandras of the world stockpile canned beets, you should be waxing your skis. And if it turns out the doomsayers are right and the popping of champagne corks does portend the demise of everything automated? Well, if you happen to be at one of the following destinations, that might not be such a bad thing. Even though you may have to hike for your turns, you’ll have finally begun that career as a ski bum.¿m.m.