Turning Point She's Got The Beat

Turning Points

They say music soothes the savage beast. That may be true, but I've always been really energized by rhythm and melody. In fact, the only thing I can listen to at night are nature sounds, because anything with a beat wakes my senses up-even classical music gets me going.Music affects my mood, and the right tunes motivate me in training and competition. When I need to take my mind off technique, music clears my mind and frees me up to ski naturally. My current "race mix"-which I listen to in the start area before every race-is a combination of reggae, rap and house hip-hop (a mixture of old school DJ spin and jazz). It has a dancy, thumpy beat that forces me to get into the roller coaster ride that is downhill.

Picabo Street, a 1994 Olympic silver medalist and the 1996 World Downhill Champion, is typically seen with either a helmet or headphones covering her ears.