Tyrolia Bindings 1998


Tyrolia may field the most logical binding progression of all. Each step up offers straight-forward added value. Tyrolia toe pieces offer vertical elasticity to protect the knee and a four-roller design to minimize friction. Contaminants are actually expelled by the ABS antifriction device, a continuous track that moves with the boot. Tyrolia maintains that its diagonal-release heels offer the most protection in a slow, twisting fall.

TD 9 $210
A solid, conventional, two-piece binding with Tyrolia's "power control" toe, the TD 9 has none of the looseness associated with older Tyrolias. It provides easy entry and exit, too. Add a 13-mm Carve Plate (an additional $40), and the TD 9 is right for Newcomers, Players and Aspiring Carvers.

Cyber D9 $290
The "D" stands for an easy-release diagonal heel; the "Cyber" says this is a shaped-ski binding. The connector between toe and heel on the Cyber D9 has an added 10 mm of lift¿totaling 23.5 at the toe and 31 at the heel¿so there is considerable ramp angle. This is a carving implement that all but eliminates the possibility of boot-out. Good for All-Mountain Experts and Carving Specialists.

Free Flex 9 World Cup $375
A standard on the World Cup, this model features the rotating ABS anti-friction device with Teflon and Tyrolia's famous free-floating heel. No matter what you do, on whatever terrain, ski-release and retention values remain consistent. Recommended for All-Mountain Experts, Racers and freestylers.

Power Select 9 $390
This is Tyrolia's big gun. And big it is. An easy-moving three-position dial drastically changes the ski's characteristics. Rotate the dial to the "Turn" position and the binding moves the ski's contact points in from the tip and tail, shortening the ski's feel and making it very turny. "Neutral" has no impact on the ski, but a clockwise twist of the dial¿to "Grip"¿adds downward pressure to the tip and tail. Now the ski feels longer and the edgehold is improved. Grip is excellent for super-slippery snow, while Turn excels in crud and loose snow