Tyrolia Bindings 1999


This company's sensitivity to quality control may explain why it ranks as one of the most trusted among racers on the World Cup. It also contributes to Tyrolia's No. 2 position in market share worldwide.

All Tyrolia bindings feature a positive ramp angle (a raised heel), toes that allow a backward twisting release and an Anti-Blocking System (ABS) anti-friction pad that spits out contaminants to ensure the boot will fall off the side of the binding after release.

T-7 $190
A streamlined binding for Newcomers, the T-7 has a Diagonal Toe that offers 180-degree vertical release for full protection. The T-7's light weight makes it easy to carry and handle skis, and its 6-mm lift adds edging power. Makes a pleasing "clack" when you step in, and provides a nice soft feel when you poke your pole into the heel mechanism for a slick step-out.

TD8 TS $225
Offers a Diagonal Heel, as well as a Diagonal Toe, for extra release opportunity in forward twisting falls, and 10 mm of lift. The added 4 mm of height consists of an absorbing elastomer T-Shock pad that reduces vibration. Designed for the Aspiring Carver or Player, who needs to edge a bit more aggressively.

Cyber D8 $275
This is the first of the Cyber Free-Flex series designed specifically for shaped skis. Aspiring Carvers, Players and All-Mountain Cruisers should look at this Total Diagonal beauty. A long plate connects the aerodynamic toe and heel. Tyrolia calls the effect Free-Flex: It allows the heel to glide freely and permits no flat spot as the ski bends. The connector also adds torsional stability. This is a powerful, performance binding at a moderate price.

Power Select 8 $325
For Freeriders and All-Mountain Experts who want one ski to act as three, this binding has a simple switch in front of the toe that distributes pressure along the ski's length (almost like giving a car three wheel bases). "Neutral" maintains the ski's normal flex pattern. "Turn" pulls the tip and tail upward, making the ski feel shorter, easier to guide and more forgiving. And on the "Grip" setting, where tip and tail press downward, the ski holds better and feels longer, heavier and about 20 percent more powerful. Updated from last season, the Power Select has a 31-mm stand height off the snow. The Power Select 9, priced at $390, is for Racers only.