Tyrolia Bindings 2002

tyrolia binding

Tyrolia's line is based on two concepts: Free Flex and Diagonal. The Free Flex system promotes less-hindered flex in a ski; some models offer additional enhancements as well. Diagonal refers to the release character of the toe- and heelpieces. Diagonal toepieces allow for 180 degrees of release (vertically, diagonally, and side to side). Full Diagonal toes offer easier upward release than Race Diagonals, which provide a more rigid coupling. Diagonal heelpieces add a lateral component to the typical upward release to enhance performance in rolling, twisting falls.

PRO/BRO: "Since I've had way too many knee surgeries, I particularly like the safety features of the Diagonal upward-release mechanisms." --Alison Gannett, professional freeskier

PS Freeride 9 (DIN 4-14) $350
Here the Free Flex lifter is enhanced by the Power Select system, in which a three-position switch preloads the ski to tweak its performance. One setting gives the ski better edge grip, another lets it pivot more easily, and the third simply removes any effect on the ski at all. The Race Diagonal toepiece provides extra insurance against prerelease in bump and jump applications.

Free Flex Plus 8 (DIN 3.5-12) $280
The "plus" here is a spring added to the Free Flex system that helps maintain forward pressure during the extreme ski flexion and counterflexion found in dynamic skiing. This mellows out chatter and helps prevent inadvertent release. This model includes the Full Diagonal toepiece.

SL 100 Carve ABS (DIN 3-10) $170
This extremely lightweight binding includes the mechanical AFD and Full Diagonal toepiece, and it comes on a flexible lift plate.