Unstumped By The Bumps: Step One

Unstumped Bumps step 1 0298

Know Where You're Going

Pick a line and stick with it so you can focus on technique.

Stand at the top of any mogul field and look down the fall line. Find a pathway through the troughs below you. (If you don't see it right away, move to your left or right until you do.) You are looking at a "zipper line." There are several zipper lines in every slope of bumps.

This line-the black, most difficult route-may look too straight, too direct, too fast. Remember, it's only a basic map. There are easier (blue) and easiest (green) variations on this line, which let you turn your skis higher on the sides of bumps and farther across the hill to slow down. The line doesn't change-only the length of your path.Learn how to ski your line, and stay in it. If you know where you are going, you can worry less and focus more on technique.

A. Look ahead. Pick out your next turn and commit yourself to it. If you look off to the side-away from the line-you will veer off course.

B. At first, keep your skis on the snow. As snow rises beneath you, pull your legs up. When the bottom drops out, push your feet back down. Absorb, absorb, absorb...push, push, push. Follow the curves in the snow with the bottoms of your feet.

C. Keep your body disciplined and stay centered on your skis. Keep reaching for the next turn with your pole. Pole plants need to be solid.

D. Sometimes you need to pound on a mogul, and sometimes you need to tread lightly. Strive to maintain snow contact with your downhill ski so you can apply the right amount of pressure through each round turn.