Unstumped By The Bumps, Step Three


There's no downtime in the bumps-actively attack each mogul.Pull Your Feet And Knees Up
There's no downtime in the bumps-actively attack each mogul.

A. The goal is to keep your skis on-or as close to-the snow as you can. You cannot compress if you already ski in an over-flexed, squatty stance. Approach a big bump by standing tall. You have about as much absorption range as your inseam. Use as much of it as you need.

B. A big bump may explode your tips into the air. Be ready for it. Pull your knees and feet toward your chest to suck up the shock. This is an active move, not a passive collapsing of the legs. Absorb progressively and completely-don't cut the movement short.

C. Bring your knees toward your chest without bowing with your upper body or nodding your head. Keep your head and chest up. The bigger and nastier the bumps, the more you need to look ahead and actively drive forward.

D. Be ready to extend again as you come over the back side of the bump. Start to shift your weight to the new downhill ski. Your inside hand drives forward, while the outside hand swings the pole for the new pole plant.