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Uvex Goggles 2001-02

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Uvex Goggles 2001-02

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Four new frame styles join the Uvex collection this year. The Helix/Superhelix ($100-$130) and Apache ($75) styles borrow design from motorsports, in which Uvex is a leader in Germany. The Helix and Superhelix have eight front vents and a hard chrome finish. "Chrome is especially big among snowboarders, as they have moved to more of a motocross image," says Cheryl Pisaturo, sales and marketing coordinator. The Superhelix also features a light-mirror lens. The Apache offers spherical lenses, air channeling that scoops the air in the front and out through rear exhaust vents, and pivoting wings designed to make the goggle more helmet compatible. The Vision L ($50) is a new over-the-glasses model, and the Hurricane ($30) is a new junior goggle designed to fit with any helmet.