Völkl Skis 2001-02


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Völkl Skis 2001-02



Völkl has been on a roll the past couple of years, winning two SKI Magazine Skis of the Year awards in a row. This year, the company has expanded and updated its popular Rail system. The old system-whereby a binding glided on two polymer rails that had been screwed into the ski’s topskin-has now been integrated into the ski (gone are the 22 screws required to hold the rails in place). And since Völkl’s and Tecnica’s European parent companies now each own 90 percent of the shares of Marker, the companies are off to join the systems wars; they have created a ski-binding system called “Motion.”

Motion includes a Marker binding and carrier plate unit that slides onto the newly integrated rails and are held to the rails by a single pin. The result, Völkl says, is that “no screws interrupt flex or performance and freedom of ski flex means better stability, edge grip, smoothness, ease, and versatility.” And considerably lighter weight.

The Motion system will appear at the top of the line in three series of skis-P50 Series, Carver Series, and Vertigo Series-but will be marketed separately from the rest of the skis in those groups. For example, the Vertigo Motion has the same sidecut and construction as the Vertigo G3 below it in the line, but the G3 is a ski, not a system. (The Vertigo G3 is the new version of the Vertigo G31, last year’s SKI Magazine Ski of the Year.)

Volkl’s “energY” construction returns, with its dual, pre-formed titanium chambers, and now appears in more models throughout the line.

P50 Series
This is an all-new, high-speed race-shape series for fast all-mountain skiers who spend more time on groomed snow than in the powder and crud. The P50 F1 energY has new graphics but is otherwise unchanged. New: P50 Motion, P50 SL Carver energY (with energYrail interface, which is the rails plus the carrier plate), P50 SL Carver energY (without interface), and P50 Platinum energY (with a new, deeper sidecut and softer flex for improved versatility).
Modified: P50 F1 energY (with interface).

Carver Series
These are all-mountain cruisers built for groomed terrain. New: Carver Motion, Carver V4 energY (an updated Carver V31, which comes with the energYrail interface).
Modified: Carver V3 energY (was the Carver V21), Carver V1 energy.

Vertigo Series
This is an all-terrain, all-conditions series for skiers who spend time in softer snow. New: Vertigo Motion, Vertigo G3 (same sidecut/construction as Motion, but minus the system).
Modified: Vertigo G4 (same ski as the current Vertigo G41 with new graphics), Vertigo G2 (once the Vertigo G21, but now with energy technology), Vertigo G1 (once the G11).

20/20 Women’s Series
The 20/20 stands for 20 percent lighter and 20 percent softer skis made for women, now with energY technology. New: Vertigo G1 20/20 (Völkl’s first entry-level women’s freeriding ski, a women’s verion of the G1).
Modified: Vertigo G2 20/20, Carver V3 energY 20/20, Carver V1 20/20.

V Series
The V Series is Völkl’s line of freeride and new school skis. It includes the new V Pro twin-tip (big air/big mountain), V Explosive (Alaskan freeride), V (pipe and park), and V Straight Line (bumps).
New: V Pro, V Explosive.
Modified: V, V Straight Line.