Verified: Moment Deathwish

Triple Camber? Double Fun
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The Deathwish, like all Moment skis, consists of more than 90 percent American materials, and is pressed in Sparks, Nevada. It utilizes an aspen/pine core with full-length stringers (free of finger joints) for a strong yet lightweight core.
It's built with camber underfoot, as well as fore and aft of the binding—for a total of three individual camber zones. This new signature design was inspired from an attempt to add pop to the ski, but Moment's testers found that it engaged snow like the serrated edge on a knife. After refining the Dirty Mustache Rocker triple-camber profile, Moment designed the Deathwish to have the loose, surfy feel of a flat ski but the ability to engage hard snow with ease.

Does it work? The answer of course lies in your ski style. If you're used to skiing 110-millimeter-plus waisted skis, the 112-millimeter Deathwish will come as no surprise. The secret lies in a slightly more centered stance. Lean forward, and the tips initiate quickly—drastically tightening the turning radius. If your weight is centered, though, the lightweight Deathwish is perfectly catered to those who prefer to play on the mountain. I found myself lingering in the park, and looking for things to launch off of much more than I usually do.
When it came to straight-up carving on firm groomers and ice, the Deathwish worked, but it wasn't in its element. If you crave hip dragging arcs, you probably aren't looking at a ski this size anyways.

Out of Bounds
The Deathwish is at home in soft and mixed snow conditions. It's light enough for long days of hiking, but is by no means flimsy. The same centered stance that works well inbounds performs in soft snow. The best advantage to Dirty Mustache Rocker comes from the fact that the tails don't wash out when you get in backseat, but still have the ability to move freely when conditions get deep. If you like hiking, and like to bring freestyle moves with you wherever you go, the Deathwish might be your answer.

Bottom Line
For the new school, all-mountain powder chaser, the Deathwish delivers. It's light, extra snappy, and lives for fun. The centered-stance takes a bit of learning, but it's worth the reward on the hill.

Ski Info:

Dimensions: 138-112-129

Sizes: 164, 174, 184 (Tested), 190

MSRP: $880