Video: Gear Test 2013 - Ski Mag

Video: Gear Test 2013

You know you want it. Cause you're a good gear junkie.
2013 Snowbird Ski Test Sponsor Tout

Dynastar Cham 107

Skiing Magazine testers give instant feedback on some of their favorite skis during the 2013-14 ski test at Snowbird, Utah. Here's the initial reaction of the Dynastar Cham 107. View all our gear videos from the test and more in our video channel.

Dynastar Cham 127

Head Rev 85

Nordica La Nina

Volkl Kiku

Volkl RTM


2013 Men's Fattest Skis - tout

The 33 Fattest Men's Skis of 2013-14

When it snows, we all want 'em girthy.

Women's Fat Skis tout

The 13 Fattest Women's Skis of 2013-14

Because there's nothing wrong with having a little extra around the middle.

10-11 ski opener

Fat Skis: 2010-2011 Preview

Skiing Magazine had a chance to ski a few of next year’s skis at the SIA On Snow Demo Days at Winter Park. Due to the huge amount of skis available and the little time we had, we limited ourselves to fat skis. We tested a handful of new, redesigned and carryover models between 95mm and 115mm underfoot. Although certain skis did better in certain conditions, there really wasn't a bad ski among them.

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The 90 best skis and boots for 2013.


Gear Guide Sampler: Big Mountain

Award-winning big mountain chargers from Skiing's 2013 Gear Guide.


World's Greatest Boondoggle

Yes, testing next year's skis is technically part of our jobs. Please forgive us.

Ski Test Tout

14 Best Men's Skis of 2013

Our testers have spoken. Here are the 14 best skis from the 2013 Skiing Mag gear tests.


Gear Guide Sampler: All-Mountain

Award-winning all-mountain chargers from Skiing's 2013 Gear Guide.