Volant Skis 2001-02

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How to Ski  a Powder Day: At the top of Lift Two, hike through the gate on your right to a run called Tresckow (named after Major General Herman Henning von Tresckow, the dude who attempted to assassinate Hitler in 1943 and inspired the worst Tom Cruise movie since Vanilla Sky). The hike takes 10 minutes and will put you at the intersection of West Basin Ridge on your right and Highline Ridge on your left. Traverse along Highline Ridge until you're back in the trees, then follow markers to Tresckow. This steep, gladed line is among the best on the mountain. After two laps on Tresckow, head to West Basin Ridge, the venue for numerous extreme skiing competitions. Despite what the trail map says, the High Traverse doesn't exist any more. To get there, follow the same boot pack to Highline Ridge, but turn right at the obvious signs for Stauffenberg and Zdarsky (also named for rebellious German generals). Lines like St. Bernard are steep, technical, and riddled with small airs. But check out Oster and Fabian, two chutes immediately to the right of the Stauffenberg/Zdarsky trail marker. They aren't obvious and tend to get passed over. Plus, their entrances are steep with rocky, windblown sections that often require sidestepping. But once past the rocks, point your tips and send it down a sustained 40-degree pitch. At the bottom, follow signs back to Lift Two and repeat.

Volant Skis 2001-02



Ever since the company's founding in the late '80s, Volant's stainless steel cap construction has had a well-deserved reputation for smoothness in difficult snow and excellent edge grip on hardpack. Last year the Denver-based company injected some un-Volant-like liveliness into the formula with its T3 construction-as well as some youthful vigor into the collection with the Machete series of twin tips developed by freerider Shane McConkey.

This year, Volant has raised the energy bar another notch with the Gravity Series. The Gravity Power, Gravity Epic, Gravity Super, and Gravity Chubb cover the freeride, all-mountain, carving, and powder categories, respectively. A new low-profile tip design decreases weight substantially, and there's a new Core Control design intended to give the skis "controlled energy, inspiration, and excitement."

The female-specific Vertex Series has also been overhauled for 2001-2002 with the new low-profile tip and Core Control design.

And the T3 Series has been graphically energized with a new and unique color application. Low Temperature Arc Deposition (LATV) uses positive and negative metallic-ion charges to fuse metallic particles into the steel cap. The unique process also increases the hardness of the steel surface, making it more scratch resistant.

Volant is continuing its practice of using easy-to-remember model names instead of letter-number combinations as is common practice in the rest of the industry.

Gravity Series
The new Gravity Series is the core of Volant's line, covering all performance types from powder to carving for recreational skiers from intermediate to expert.
New: Gravity Power (freeride), Gravity Epic (all-mountain), Gravity Super (carving), Gravity Chubb (powder).

T3 Series
The T3 Series represents Volant's Audi category, smooth but sporty skis with extra care taken to ensure a quality finish to the product.
Modified: T3 Power (with new "Vapor Gold" graphics), T3 Epic (with new "Vapor Smoke" graphics), T3 Super (with new, mirror-like "Vapor Flash" graphics).

Vertex Series
This is Volant's female-specific category, with a flex profile tested by and developed for women skiers. The group incorporates the new low-tip profile for decreased weight, Core Control design for energy, a new series of women's-specific sidecuts, and a new Satin top finish.
New:Vertex Power (freeride), Vertex Epic (all-mountain), Vertex Super (carving).

Machete Series
The Machete Series, developed by freerider Shane McConkey, is meant for "all-mountain madness," "aerial trickery," or straight-lining big mountains.
Modified: Machete 69 (for the aggressive half-pipe huckster with new low-profile tip, new aluminum "stomp-it" tailbar, and new "flash" graphics, Machete Gravity (a mid-fat all-mountain cruiser with new low-profile tip and "flash" graphics, and Machete Huckster (a fat twin tip with new "stomp-it tailbar" and "flash graphics").