Volkl Two (2017)

Rating: / 5
Price: $875.00
Year: 2017
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 124
Tip/Tail/Waist: 146-124-138
Lengths: 176, 186, 196

The 2017 Volkl Two, a bidirectional powder surfer with a 124-mm waist, becomes the widest ski Volkl makes. It might not have the unsinkable flotation of the discontinued Three (135 mm), but it’s still plenty fat and floaty, will be much quicker edge-to-edge, and has a tighter, more traditional sidecut radius (24.2 to 32.5 meters) than the Three-still unusually long, but better suited to most skiers. The Two is offered in a massive 196-cm length-plenty of ski for even the biggest and most aggressive experts.
Volkl’s Freeskiing/Powder series includes its four fattest powder-surfing skis-the Confession (117-mm waist), the Two (124 mm), the One (116 mm) and the V-Werks Katana (112 mm). (The massive, 135-waisted Three and the long-admired Shiro have both been dropped from the line.) All of the powder freeriders except the Confession are built with subtle full-length rocker-a Volkl hallmark-rather than the usual tip and tail rocker (which is what the new, more “directional” Confession gets). While the Katana’s special V-Werks superlight construction sets it apart, the rest offer the integrity of full wood cores and the edge power of sturdy full-length vertical sidewalls. All except the Confession are metal-free constructions, for lightness and liveliness. The Confession is reinforced with a band of metal down the middle, for extra stability and calmness at high speeds. All are built with tapered tips and tails, where the widest parts of the ski are moved closer to the foot, giving the ski a looser, driftier, more maneuverable feel that promotes greater creativity of line choice and easier speed control in deep snow. All are sold flat (no binding).
Volkl is based in Straubing, Germany (Bavaria), where it has been making skis since 1914. Affiliated brands include Dalbello and Marker. Like K2 and Line, Volkl is a subsidiary of Jarden Corp., which itself became a subsidiary of the Newell Rubbermaid consumer-products conglomerate in 2016. -J.C.