Volkl Unlimited AC2 (2007)

Publish date:

Rating: / 5
Price: $765.00
Year: 2007
Level: 2
Gender: Male
Waist Width:
Tip/Tail/Waist: 116/72/103
Lengths: 149, 156, 163, 170, 177

Stability at speed: 4.00 / 5
Hard snow performance: 3.57 / 5
Crud performance: 3.30 / 5
Forgiveness: 3.68 / 5

Pro AC stands for all conditions. In other words, here is Völkl’s best shot at making a ski that does everything well for intermediates. Like the AC4, the AC2 features edge-reinforcing Double Grip construction. And though it’s a centimeter narrower, it’s still broad enough underfoot to present a stable, accommodating platform that won’t founder in soft snow, yet not so wide that getting it up on edge requires any effort. The lighter, metal-free construction is considerably less powerful than the AC4, but testers were still most impressed by its assuredness in long arcs—perfect for the adventurous Aspiring Expert. Lewis called it "sturdy and confidence-inspiring." Con Lacks quickness in bumps and short turns.