Wall Push

Ski Fit A 1100

The first in a series of five exercises that will keep you skiing strong.When you shift weight on your skis, the upper butt muscles work to keep your hips stable. This exercise strengthens the glutes and reinforces proper alignment of the ankle, knee and hip, which will help you make stronger turns.

How To Do It Stand adjacent to a wall, maintaining good posture with arms folded. Standing on the left leg, lift the right leg and push hard into the wall with your bent knee. Do not lean against the wall. Push for five seconds. Keeping your leg raised, relax your muscles for three to five seconds. Then, push again and repeat for a total of five reps. Turn around and repeat with the left leg.

What You'll Feel You should feel the kneecap of the standing leg rotate slightly outward. A burning sensation on the top portion of the standing hip indicates that you are doing the Wall Push correctly.

Emily Miller is a consultant to The Stone Clinic, an orthopedic surgery and sports medicine clinic in San Francisco. Miller trains Olympic freestyle gold-medalist Jonny Moseley and other world-class athletes. Have a fitness question? Email Emily at editor@skimag.com.