Want Avy Reports on the Lift? There’s an App for That.

You probably own an iPhone. And we’re fine with that, really. Next time we’re on the lift together, we can pull up YouTube and watch a cat with its head stuck in a Pringles can. Or we could use these ski-specific apps. Including a brand new one from The North Face.
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North Face iPhone app

North Face just announced a new version of their 2008 iPhone application, The North Face Snow Report. The new one, a free iPhone weather application called Snow Report 2.0, is jammed with fancy features: It aggregates resort-specific Twitter updates and weather and snow condition feeds, it lets users access imput feedback about snow conditions and tweet their own updates directly from the application, and you can get data on current and recent snowfall, wind direction, wind speed, and driving directions to your favorite ski resorts.

Other new features include 24-, 48- and 72- hour total snowfalls, more high resolution trail maps, and avalanche advisories. “Like most people who love skiing and snowboarding, I feel like I’m part of a community when I’m on the trails,” said North Face-sponsored snowboarder David Carrier-Porcheron. “Being able to get first-hand insights from other people on the slopes is a great way of connecting with the community.” To download it, visit the iTunes store.

Here are four other iPhone apps worth checking out.

Jackson Hole iPhone App
This app users to log their runs and vertical feet with a detailed record of when, where, and how hard they skied while at Jackson Hole.

Touch Ski 3D
This point-of-view game lets you use your fingers to control your skis while you carve through gates, ski jump, or spin tricks. [$1]

Ski Lodge
Access snow reports, weather conditions, trail maps, and live cams for nearly 400 resorts in the U.S. and Canada. The wood-grain background gives it that faux-Tyrolean feel. [$5]

Save Our Snow
Part of Clif Bar’s Global Cooling campaign, this app gives you snow reports and weather for over 400 resorts in North America and also tells you what those resorts are doing to help fight climate change. [free]


Jackson Hole Iphone App

Lost at Jackson Hole? Use Your iPhone App

Most people these days ski with their phone on them. Jackson Hole is banking on this tech dependency by offering a new iPhone application that lets people track the number of laps skied in a day and pinpoint their location at the resort.


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