Want Fog-Free Ski Goggles? Get The Haber Eliminator

Automated No-Fog Fan Technology

GOLDEN, CO — Tired of annoying fogged-up goggles while skiing and snowboarding? The Haber Eliminator™ Automated No-Fog Fan Technology from HaberVision™ is a must-have accessory that eliminates this problem with the flip of a switch.

The Eliminator™ is a clever device that allows you to retro-fit a module with a tiny but very powerful fan into just about any pair of goggles. The concept is simple: When humidity rises inside your goggle a tiny sensor activates a fan alleviating the possibility of internal condensation (fog) on the lens. This feature allows you to see clearly and enjoy crystal-clear vision every time you ski.

The Eliminator™ is available online at habervision.com for $60.00.

“This is something that should have been around years ago,” says Bill Nolan, HaberVision’s President. “The number one complaint skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers still voice regarding goggles in general is fogging. While great strides in anti-fog have been made by all goggle companies, fogging still remains. “If you’ve ever skied, snowboarded or snowmobiled, you know goggles can get fogged up when you get warm.”

While the idea of fan-ventilated goggles isn’t new, The Eliminator™ is a superior fog solution for many reasons. First, it’s a lightweight, low-profile module that can be installed on almost any pair of goggles — both HaberVision 100% polarized products and competitor models — and then removed and attached to another pair of goggles.

Plus, The Eliminator™ can operate in either a manual or automatic mode. You can turn it to‘on’ and it will run continuously or, set it to ‘automatic’ mode and rely on the built-in humidity sensor to activate the system only when needed.

The Eliminator™ is a self-contained module with no wires or external battery packs. It runs on a single AAA battery and can be easily attached to the goggle with a pair of thumb-twist screws.

“Finally, there’s a way to eliminate that fogging problem,” Nolan says. “We believe this is an ingenious product and have filed numerous patents to protect certain aspects of the technology. It eliminates the problem of goggle fogging forever.”

Responding to the digital revolution, HaberVision eyewear is offered on the Internet through habervision.com Low overhead equates to savings of up to 60% below retail, without compromising quality, style and performance.

HaberVision – from Steve Haber - the founder of the Bolle’ eyewear brand.

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